Learn to play polo

We offer a variety of options for polo lessons and can provide instruction for every age and level of experience.

Our lessons are the perfect way for individuals to try polo and discover the sport.

We teach beginners of all ages, starting from four years old to middle age and beyond.

We specialise in teaching those who have never been on a horse before; we'll take you from the fundamentals through to playing tournament polo at as high a level as you would like.

No matter your age, experience or background, Westcroft Park Polo Club can help you become a polo player.


Private lessons are our most popular offering, and the fastest way to learn how to play polo.

Focuses one-to-one tuition enables beginners to rapidly advance and established players to quickly improve any weaknesses in their game.

Our HPA qualified coaches and instructors are adept at bringing out the best in every player, and able to tailor their teaching to every student.


Group lessons are a popular way to learn polo with your friends, and a great chance to learn skills in the context of team play.


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